Everything You Need To Know About Gearing In Diablo IV

The world of Diablo has once again been corrupted and turned into a place of despair and hostility, where only the strongest may survive and attempt to restore the peace in Sanctuary. However, to become strong and powerful, one may need the right tools of the trade. To successfully face the dangers of Diablo IV, the players need to obtain the best gear items possible and modify them for maximum impact. In this article, we will cover all necessary information regarding obtaining equipment and weapons, explain the variety and rarity of the gear items, and clarify which additional enchantments and bonuses you may need and go after during the endgame.

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Item Rarity: What Kinds of Items Are In Diablo IV 

Similarly to other role-playing games, Diablo IV distinguishes between items according to their rarity type and difference in power. The stats attached to the items are so-called Affixes, and they can be of defensive, offensive, and utility character. In Diablo IV, you may encounter the following types of items:

● Common
They possess no additional Affixes. 

● Magic

They carry one highly boosted individual Affix. 

● Rare

They usually divide extra power between three to five Affixes. 

● Legendary

They increase your stats through four regular Affixes and one randomly rolled Legendary Affix. These items can be universal or skill-bound (connected to a specific ability or skill). 

● Unique

They usually carry unique class-specific effects in combination with Affixes.

● Sacred and Ancestral

They should possess the same Affixes as Unique items; however, the gained effects and stats should be even more powerful.

Gear Slots and Stats

Diablo IV distinguishes between three categories of equipment: Armor, Weapons, and Accessories. Armor pieces consist of five garments (Chest, Helmet, Pants, Gloves, Boots), Accessories comprise three articles (Necklace and two Rings), and two slots are reserved for Weapons. Each character, therefore, can equip ten pieces of Gear. The exceptions to the rules are Barbarian and Rogue, as Barbarian’s Arsenal System allows the player to fill up four Weapon slots, granting two extra slots compared to other classes, and Rogue has the privilege of an extra slot for long-ranged Weapon. 

Since the equipment pieces are bound to carry different Affixes, each equipment type has its own set stat pool. In general, Armor pieces focus on Defensive and Utility stats, helping to keep your character alive and viable. Among the Affixes bound to the Armor, you may find Damage Reduction, Resistance, Life Regeneration, and others.

Weapon items, on the other hand, provide you with Offensive stats, modifying the potential Damage you deal to specific enemies. The specific stats attached to the Weapons may include Weapon Speed, Close/Distance and Crowd Control Damage, Attack Power, Flat Damage, and additional Damage Bonuses.

When it comes to Accessories, you may expect boosts in Resistance, Damage, or Utility area, which ultimately supplies your character with convenient additional bonuses. 

How and Where To Get Gear In Diablo IV

Being a typical feature for the Diablo franchise, loot is a matter of luck, for some of the viable gear can be simply looted from random enemies in either Open World or Dungeon. Diablo IV promotes mainly the grinding aspect found in many other ARPGs, so there is no option of farming for one specific item that you may need. However, there are some regulations you may follow in order to get closer to obtaining the targeted item. For example, the more powerful enemies you defeat, the higher the chance of decent loot. Also, if you are looking for a specific type of weapon (two-handed or long-ranged), you may consider focusing on farming mobs that actually use that weapon type.

Another aspect that affects the quality of the potential loot is your pre-set World Tier difficulty and your character level. While you are leveling your character up, you may come across suitable gear anywhere; however, once you reach the endgame and upgrade your items, you may find yourself hitting a plateau, and further progression in gear tends to be sluggish and sparse unless you are willing to spend hours on grinding and clearing of Nightmare Dungeons or upgrade the difficulty to higher World Tier.

Players can participate in various world events to increase the possibility of obtaining legendary items. We recommend an event called Hold Your Ground, as the difficulty scales according to your level and requires just enough skill to defeat oncoming waves of mobs, granting you experience and legendary items. As end-game content, we suggest participating in the Tree of Whispers event, which rewards you with crafting materials and legendary gear after completing the objective.
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Endgame: Where to Get Best Loot

As previously mentioned, to come across the most powerful pieces of gear, you have to increase the World Tier difficulty, as only the World Tier 3 and higher allows you to obtain Unique items and dive into the dungeons and World Events. 

Even though Diablo IV provides over a hundred Nightmare Dungeons that are modified by various intensities with a great chance of decent item drop, they are rather time-consuming. If you are in search of a specific item, you may be unsuccessfully pillaging dungeon after dungeon. We advise you to combine dungeon running with participation in World Events, such as defeating the World Boss, fighting in Helltide areas, and taking on the task of the Tree of Whispers, to increase your chances of obtaining the best gear within the realm of possibility.

Upgrading and Improving Your Gear

Diablo IV also provides some gear enhancement features that consequently increase the item power and the stats, for instance, upgrading Weapons and Armor at The Blacksmith or upgrading Accessories at the Jeweler.

Apart from upgrading, you can improve your gear by adding Aspects and Gems onto specific pieces of Armor or Weapons. These passive-enhancing effects can greatly increase your stats or bonuses. You can craft Gems and add sockets onto the gear at the Jeweler; however, not every piece of gear can have sockets added onto them; you can only insert sockets into Helmet, Chest, Pants, Necklace, Ring, Bow, and One-handed and Two-handed Weapons.

Aspects, behaving as a Legendary Affix, can also be imprinted and extracted only to specific gear items by The Occultist. We can divide Aspects into class-specific and universal, with each aspect having a specific field of impact. If you want to learn more about Aspects, please visit our Diablo IV guides on our website.


Diablo IV operates on a multi-level quality item system with various enhancing methods that help your character survive the cruel conditions of the Diablo world. Although the gear drop is not particularly scarce, in order to get the most powerful pieces of gear, players have to challenge their abilities through higher World Tier Difficulty and countless fights with enemies. Should you struggle in your gaming endeavor, we invite you to try out our store
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