Diablo IV: All Character Classes Guide

As the Sanctuary gets submerged into the conflict between the High Heavens and the Burning Hells, the new heroes have to arise to save the world of Diablo from its collapse and unite to bring down Lilith, the Daughter of Hatred. New Diablo IV has five distinct classes Barbarian, Druid, Necromancer, Rogue, and Sorceress. Follow this guide to better understand the individual Diablo 4 classes and learn about their skills and specializations.


The nomadic warrior, Barbarian, combines brutal muscular strength with weapon mastery into an all-time favorite class that appeared in all Diablo games. The appeal of Barbarian lies in his tank-like character with a high amount of health to your disposal and the ability to both deal and withstand extensive damage, complemented by ability-enhancing war cries.

Likewise, in other Diablo games, Barbarian in Diablo IV builds Fury with each attack, allowing for utilizing effective Fury skills. Barbarian’s special class mechanism is the Arsenal System, which supports four weapon slots and allows you to equate one-handed and two-handed weapons simultaneously.

Among basic Diablo IV Barbarian skills, you can look forward to:

● Bash - Offensive damage attack. It has a 20% chance of stunning the enemy for 0.5 seconds.

● Flay - Offensive damage attack that inflicts Bleed for 6 seconds.

● Frenzy - Series of offensive attacks that deal damage on every hit. Attack speed increases by 20% for 3 seconds.

● Lunging Strike - Lunge forward and strike, dealing damage.

As a barbarian, there will also be Fury Skills at your disposal:

● Rend - Deals damage and inflicts Bleed for 5 seconds to the enemies in front of you.

● Hammer of the Ancients - An area of effect (AoE) damage ability.

● Double Swing - Deals damage with two weapons at once.

● Upheaval - Deals damage by flinging debris forward.

● Whirlwind - Series of rapid attacks.


The only class allowing for shapeshifting, Druids, made their first appearance in Diablo II and re-entered the Diablo world once again with their ability to switch into beastly werebear and ferocious werewolf forms. Apart from Druid’s shapeshifting, you can always benefit from having two wolf companions. Although Druid proves to be strong at melee attacks, thanks to the ability to wield elemental skills, Druid can also deal substantial ranged damage. The Diablo IV Druid’s class mechanics depend primarily on your selection of points in the Skill Tree: you can either become the master of elemental power or follow the path of shape-shifting.

In Diablo IV, Druid’s basic skills are:

● Earth spike - Impales the first enemy. Every time you hit an enemy with Earthspike, your chance to deal with Crushing Blow increases by 10%.

● Shred - Shapeshifts into a werewolf and deals damage. It has a 30% chance of striking twice.

● Storm Strike - Your weapon damages your enemy target and up to 3 nearby enemies.

● Maul - Shapeshifts into a werebear and deals damage, also fortifying yourself.

● Wind Shear - Deals damage with a blade of wind and increases your movement speed by 5% for 3 seconds.

Druid also possesses powerful Spirit Skills:

● Pulverise - Shapeshift into a werebear and deal AoE damage.

● Landslide - Deals AoE damage. It has a 10% chance of dealing a Crushing Blow.

● Tornado - Deals damage in a random direction every second it is active.


A new class introduced to Diablo IV is the Necromancer, a dark summoner who can call upon dead minions to come to their aid. In addition, Necromancer can also make use of corpses to create traps. Meanwhile, the exact properties of Necromancer’s abilities remain unexplored; we are delighted to introduce you to the four different playstyles Necromancer offers:

● Blood - Utilized to drain the life from your enemies to heal and increase the power of yourself and your party.

● Bone - Allows you to use the corpses and summon Bone Spirits that pursue the target and deal AoE damage to any enemies in the area. Another focus of Bone's playstyle is trap setting.

● Darkness - Uses damage over time (DoT) spells to drain enemies’ health and to apply debuffs on enemy targets.

● The Army - Summons a horde of skeletons or golems to fight by your side.


Another Diablo IV class that originated in the first Diablo is Rogue. This class offers a combination of long-range and close-range utility, as the primary Rogue’s weapon is a bow or a crossbow, but has abilities bound to the usage of swords and daggers as well. Rogue’s class special mechanics involves three different skills:

● Shadow Realm - Becomes immune and pulls enemies to the Shadow Realm for 5 seconds, where you gain stealth and 50% more damage.

● Exploit Weakness - Your hits strike critically with 60% increased damage.

● Combo Points - Your basic attacks add Combo Points that can be used for added effect.

You can look forward to these Rogue’s Ranged Skills in Diablo IV:

● Arrow Barrage - Fires a volley of arrows in a cone.

● Rain of Arrows - Deals AoE damage while in the air.

For close range, Rogue can make use of the following Melee Skills:

● Shadow Step - Teleports you behind a target.

● Dash - Dashes you in the direction you are facing.

● Caltrops - Deploys caltrops behind you as you dash backward.

Rogue also can imbue their attacks, using effective Imbue Skills:

● Acid Imbue - Imbues your attacks and skills with a poison effect.

● Frost Imbue - Imbues your attacks and skills with a chill effect.

● Shadow Imbue - Imbues your attacks and skills with the shadow effect.


Sorceress, a class that reappears in all Diablo games, wields an elemental power in the form of lightning, fire, and frost. Sorceress is a master of crowd control; however, she performs mostly from long range, for Sorceress has the least amount of health across all classes in Diablo IV.  

Sorceress possesses many Destruction Skills, both Major and Minor. Among Minor ones, you can find:

● Lightning - Deals damage to an enemy, then bounces to nearby enemies, dealing 30% less damage with each hit.

● Fire Bolt - Deals damage to nearby enemies and causes them to Bleed for eight seconds.

● Frost Bolt - Deals damage and chills a target.

● Arc Lash - Deals damage to enemies in front of you, then returns and restores some mana.

As for the Major Destruction Skills, Sorceress utilizes:

● Charged Bolts - Casts six lightning bolts that deal damage in an erratic pattern.

● Chain Lightning -  Deals damage and jumps to nearby targets.

● Fireball - Deals AoE damage.

● Frozen Orb - Deals damage with chill effect before exploding into Frost Bolts.

● Ice Shards - Casts five shards that deal damage and deal extra damage to frozen enemies.

● Incinerate - Deals AoE damage and generates damage over time.


Diablo IV offers a great class variety to accommodate any gamer’s playstyle. We hope to supply you with more information once Diablo IV comes out. While waiting on the release, we invite you to check out our store for great Diablo 4 gold and cheap d4 items. Happy hunting!