Diablo 4 Mounts Leaks

How are you all? I'm back with another Diablo 4 guide and today I’m going to talk about Mount Leaks in Diablo 4 in depth. I think Diablo 4 mounts will be a much more important part of General open World gameplay than most people think.

This is mostly because Diablo 4 is the first game in the series to have a huge, open world that you could walk across if you wanted to. So adding a mount that will help you move through the landscape much faster is going to be pretty important.

There’s been a lot happening right now on the internet, people are talking all sorts of stuff about the Diablo IV mount. Obviously, we can not cover everything in this guide as some of it is pure trash. I’ll only cover what I believe to be absolutely true. In fact, some of the things mentioned in this guide are backed up by official sources.

So, without further ado, let’s jump straight into the pit.

Unlock Leaks 

We know a fair amount about mounts, but it seems like some of this information has changed, especially since the end-game beta a few weeks ago.

Up until then, all we knew was that you would be able to unlock amounts around level 50. More specifically, when you finish the game's main quest. Once you've finished all of the chapters, you'll be able to unlock your mount, which will be around level 50.

Now that the end-game beta and a lot of leaked footage have come out, it seems like you can get mounts much faster. I think the level 36 mounts I saw in that leaked video were the lowest level ones I saw.

Some comments I read said that you could get these mods in the end game beta at level 15, but don't put too much stock in that. I haven't seen people that low level using mounts on video.

This could be because they made it easier by letting you get mods faster in the end game beta. I think they're probably just letting you get these mounts much earlier in the game's primary campaign to speed up the game and make it easier to move around the map and explore.

Ability Leaks  

As of right now, you will have a few different abilities you can use while on your mount.

We don't know if more will be added later, but you have a dash skill that is usually controlled by pressing the spacebar. I didn't see this being used, but it looks like the horse has a dash or a jump, which is a way to move around more quickly. 

The next ability is the Dismount attack which is unique to your class. We'll talk more about that in a moment. Then you just have a normal Dismount, so you get off your horse like you normally would.

Combat Leaks

If you are attacked while on a mount in Diablo 4, you fall off and are stunned. None of the different amounts has its own health bar. If you get hit while you're on it, it will only be you who gets hurt.

I talked about a Dismount attack that is unique to each class, and that will be a big part of these mounts. When you're on your horse, every class will have its own Dismount attacks you can use.

Basically, this will make you jump off your horse and use a class-specific ability. For example, a rogue will jump up and fire a huge volley of arrows, a barbarian will jump up and slam down, a druid will jump off and change into a bear on the ground, and a sorceress will launch herself forward as an ice projectile, freezing everything in their way.

It looks like you can use these attacks to get rid of pretty big groups of enemies, but we don't know if there will be different options for each attack. Or if we'll be able to make that Dismount attacks better in any way. 

If you can't change how these Dismount attacks work when the game comes out, I think that's something they'll add in the future. You might be able to choose from a few different attacks, or you might be able to add to these attacks in different ways to change how they work.

That could definitely give you more ways to change your mounts and the way you play in the open world in general.

I can think of some pretty interesting ways to interact with PVP combat, like being able to use your Dismount attack as a sorceress to launch forward and freeze a group of players. After that, do more damage. It could be a pretty good way to sneak up on someone.

Mount Customisation  

First of all, there are the mounts themselves. We have only seen photos or videos of real horses. We've seen a few different horses that change that model quite a bit, from just different breeds and colours of horses to horses that are made in a completely different way. Like horses that are dead but still shine.

But we haven't seen any other animals being used as mounts yet. I think this is something that will either be in the game when it comes out or will be added later. Because when a developer talks about the mount system, they say mounts, not horses. Even when you would think they would use that word, they are still just called "mounts."

So you'll probably be able to ride other creatures or mounts. There could even be a bonus for people who buy it early. It was leaked a long time ago that the amount could be a dog with three heads, but it is still possible.

Aside from the Mount itself, you can also change a number of other things about any mount you're riding.

In particular, they've talked about item slots for saddles, trophies, and pieces of plate or horseshoes that go on mounts.

Years ago, when people talked about all of these different customizations, they meant that each one changed the way the Mount played. Most likely armor pieces that make you take less damage and get off your mount less often, flights that make you move faster, and saddles or other items that give your mount different stats. (You can buy Diablo 4 items and Diablo 4 gold at Diablo4Items.com when the game launches. We offer you safe and fast Diablo IV items with lowest offer and 24/7 online support.)

But the last time they talked about mounts, they only talked about the hoof plates that give your mounts more speed. They didn't talk about any of the other customizations that give your mount different stats or change how it plays.

So I'm not sure how they're going to handle this or if all of these will just be for looks or if the plates will still give stats or if all of these different pieces of customization will still affect how your mount plays in some way.

Ending Note

That’s it for this Diablo 4 guide. The whole Diablo4Item's team is determined to give you maximum help in minimum time with these Diablo 4 guides. Our news section is filled with useful news and guides like Diablo 4 Character Classes Guide and Everything We Know about Diablo 4 Skill Tree.